Our honeys

The honeys we collect are the result of an alchemy between our bees and our beautiful Normandy region.
Our products for sale have a unique color and texture (liquid or creamy) depending on the production apiaries. Our bees produce these honeys from wild flowers and plants of our region.

The origin of our honeys ?

When we like to consume products of the hive, we like to know their origins. Because their quality depends on the lifestyle of the bees and the plants in their environment . Our honey is harvested in Normandy, less than 60 km from the farm. It is a local and sedentary production, we have several apiaries on the Norman territory. We do not practice transhumanceThis means that we do not move the hives according to the seasons, because they have a living environment that suits them throughout the year.

Discover the different kinds of honeys on sale,
which vary according to the year and which we guarantee to be unheated.

summer honey,
spring honey,
forest honey,
acacia honey,
honey of lime tree,
honey of chestnut trees,
buckwheat honey.

Why buy local honey from Normandy and French honey?

Buying local and French food is supporting the producers. It is to participate in the economy of its region, and it allows to have a total transparency as for the origin of the products which we consume. Everything you need to know about the harvest, the quality, the way of life of the French bees, the conception of the products of the hives, and the potting, is to have the guarantee to taste honeys close to your values, because they are also ours. A jar of honey harvested in your region and in your country France is synonymous with “home-made”.

Why is honey so precious?

It is a unique commodity, because its creation depends on the good health of the bees and its environment. The role of the beekeeper lies in his ability to prepare and keep his bees in good conditions, but the honey that results is the result of the hard work of the bees. If we take a closer look, it is an exceptional product that nature offers us and that we have the opportunity to savor.

The flowers and plants that the bees use to create this delicious nectar determine whether the honey will be liquid, creamy, of a different color or taste. We also sell dry pollen, white nougat, gingerbread, and royal jelly. Now you know everything about the origin of our local honeys, as well as the quality of our precious products.

What is honey?

It’s all about sugar, but not just any sugar. It is created from the nectar or honeydew of flowering plants, or from the sap of trees (which is also used for the transformation of propolis), which the bee takes great care to collect and bring to its home, the hive. Its ideal storage temperature is 14°, which is why it is not necessary to put it in the refrigerator. It can be dark or very light, but also liquid or creamy. Its taste, color and texture depend mainly on its environment. This is why a honey harvested from one apiary to another will be unique.