Honey invites itself in your Christmas meal!

France is a country famous for its gastronomy. So, if Christmas is the occasion to unwrap many gifts and to get together as a family, this holiday is also a good time to enjoy good food! Of course, there are the traditional turkey with chestnuts, smoked salmon, scallops and butter cream log. That said, there’s nothing to stop you from being original and surprising your guests… How about concocting comforting dishes that smell like honey while letting the Christmas spirit float through the air? In need of inspiration? We have prepared a whole menu for you!

As an appetizer, accompany your foie gras with a honey sauce!

For your appetizer, we suggest two different ways to enjoy your foie gras. Do you prefer it cold? In this case, we invite you to eat your semi-cooked foie gras with a slice of sandwich bread or gingerbread, while covering it with liquid honey and Guérande flower salt. The mix of flavors already promises to surprise your guests!

If, on the other hand, you prefer it cooked, why not pan-fry your foie gras escalopes directly with honey and balsamic vinegar? This blend brings out the natural flavor of foie gras while adding a dose of sweetness so characteristic of the Christmas season!

For your dish, will you prefer honey lamb mice or caramelized capon?

For the main course, we decided to swap the traditional turkey for another poultry: the capon. However, to give it more pep’ s and greediness, we chose to caramelize it with honey, ginger, lemon juice and soya. If you were planning to awaken the taste buds of your guests, this recipe is made for you!

However, if you’re not a poultry person, you should know that lamb mice also go very well with honey. It takes a long time to prepare this recipe. After all, it’s not Christmas every day and it’s worth it! You will obtain a meat melting at will, at the same time perfumed and candied.

Honey to sweeten your cheese

Combined with the cheese, the honey softens it and brings out its flavors. However, you should know that some associations work better than others. For example, acacia honey is excellent with fresh cheeses (fresh goat cheese, faisselle, cottage cheese). Rosemary honey is the perfect ally of goat cheese. Fir honey goes better with pressed cheeses (Saint-Nectaire, morbier, beaufort). Lavender honey goes best with soft, washed-rind cheeses (Maroilles, Munster). Lime honey prefers very mature and runny cheeses (Brie de Meaux, Camembert de Normandie, Coulommiers) while heather honey is excellent with drier mature cheeses (old Comté, old Gouda). Finally, chestnut honey works wonders with blue-veined cheeses (Roquefort).

Honey invites itself in your desserts!

Finally, to finish your menu, we propose you to taste a traditional Christmas log with honey and to enjoy your small coffee with Christmas cookies with honey and spices.

As for the log, we opted for a honey mousse decorated with sesame seed nougatine and a small chocolate tree.

The Christmas cookies will be small shortbread cookies molded with different cookie cutters on the Christmas theme. What could be better than a pretty tree, a snowman or a gingerbread-tasting Santa Claus to make you feel like a child again? Easy to make, they also keep very well and can be enjoyed throughout the holiday season!

All that’s left is to wish you a merry Christmas Eve, happy holidays with your family and most of all… a good appetite!

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