Winter swarm of black bees


The overwintered swarms of black bees we offer are made up of:

  • 3 frames of brood
  • 1 spare frame
  • 1Frame under construction

All in a transport hive.

Available mid-April 2023

In stock


  • Specialized in the breeding of queens and swarms, we propose you to reserve your swarms of black winter bees certified by ADN for 2023.


Swarm with black bee queen (apis mellifera melliferra) on a right Dadant frame.
The swarms are overwintered swarms with queens from the previous year.

They come with :
– 3 frames of brood
– 1 food frame
– 1 frame under construction.
– 1 black fertilized queen (yellow 2022) certified by DNA

All delivered in a transport hive


The swarms will be available for collection from mid-April at my address:
38K valley street
27600 Saint Aubin sur Gaillon,
Normandy – France 3jaune

Any questions? Any advice?

Contact me at

Additional information

The number of black bee swarms is limited!


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Winter swarm of black bees