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The Buckfast inseminated queens that we offer are intended for breeders who want to multiply their flock with selected queens.
We produce a limited number of inseminated queens each year.
They will be collected or sent at the end of July / beginning of August.
Transportation will
beprovided by UPS.

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Queen inseminated = Concentrated know-how

Are you looking for a Buckfast inseminated queen? Mes Abeilles presents you the most beautiful specimens from our colonies, selected with the greatest care for their qualities.

The Buckfast bee, also known as the Brother Adam bee, is particularly suited to abundant honey production. Beekeepers appreciate these gentle and resistant bees, which guarantee a pleasant, easy and healthy rearing.

Learn more about the vigorous, hardy, low-swarming Buckfast queens and why they are an excellent choice for your swarms.

Enter into the secrets of Buckfast colonies and their inseminated queens, central pieces in the heart of any breeding. We put all our passion and know-how in the selection of each queen from our breeding in France. Benefit from this quality at each step by choosing your queens on Mes Abeilles, with the assurance of a passionate work, which mixes rigor and sharing of emotions.

Fertilized queens or inseminated queens?

As a professional beekeeper, you know the importance of genetics and careful selection.

Unlike naturally fertilized bees, whose lines are difficult to trace, inseminated queens represent a great sense of detail at every stage. Each maternal and paternal lineage is carefully chosen according to the criteria sought. The hand of man modestly imitates the best of nature. This manual contribution, the result of a meticulousness of each moment, is in the worthy lineage of the efforts and methods of Brother Adam.

His extraordinary work as a geneticist finds an echo in what drives Mes Abeilles today: to provide you with the quintessence of Buckfast queens. For that, choose a queen inseminated by us, specially selected to correspond to the criteria of one of the beekeepers’ favorite species. By choosing the fruit of our constant labor, you are sure to acquire the ideal queen for your flock, both for fertilized and inseminated queens.

The strong points of our inseminated queens

We are committed to applying the methods used by our elders more than a century ago in creating the Buckfast species. The crosses carried out then with specific lines made it possible to obtain the best specimens. It is in this spirit of perpetual improvement and research that we work at Mes Abeilles.

Our goal? To obtain the inseminated queen with particularly marked characteristics and assets.

The great sweetness, the low swarming and the high productivity of the Buckfast are thus found in their purest expression. This constant attention to detail leads us to select only those queens that stand out. This precision guarantees you the greatest possible satisfaction, with traceability. Our strong point? An involved, team work, meticulous and rigorous in the total respect of our friends foragers.

At Mes Abeilles, we make sure of the fertility of each queen by a delay of one month and a half before sending after insemination. This time is necessary to have the assurance of fertile queens and the total validation of each step.

Bees: a permanent adaptation

The native bee cannot always adapt as quickly as the drastic changes in its environment over the years. This is why the genetic selection made by Brother Adam is so important and continues to inspire our work. As enthusiasts of breeding, the resources developed over the years and crossbreeding have allowed us to obtain a species that combines many qualities and a robustness very appreciable even essential. Thus, in addition to its resistance to diseases that regularly affect the brood, the Buckfast is also very productive and particularly clean. Its behaviour and its frame behaviour are excellent. Finally, the colonies overwinter well and are resistant to cold. Very advantageous criteria for the beekeeper, which you can profit from efficiently thanks to our inseminated queens.

Choosing an inseminated Buckfast queen: an asset for your breeding

Lqueen bees are the basis of healthy and productive beekeeping for professional beekeepers. In the Brother Adam species, the queen gathers the benefits and pleasure of working with this bee: it is soft and very fertile, with an abundant and quality egg laying without forgetting the production of honey which remains our number one criterion.

Buying inseminated Buckfast queens: our advice

Acquiring an inseminated queen bee is not a matter of chance. You are buying a selected bee, which has been given the greatest possible care from birth. Fed with royal jelly, she then follows a step-by-step process until she is inseminated. It is then numbered with the color code of the year and systematically clipped. This first life cycle from grafting to insemination focuses all our attention, before letting the queen fly to her future colony: yours!

They are the unusual descendants of the lines that have given the best results to European breeders. It is this very special history that you have in your hands when you buy your queen.

Despite this you will still have work to do, to test and select the bee that will suit you, knowing that the offspring do not always give the expected results.

In order to obtain optimal results yourself, we advise you to buy several inseminated queens to multiply the chances of success. This is also why it is preferable to work in a group, in a team of several beekeepers to test and select the best queens and to have an objective look at the different criteria.

Our queens are inseminated in spring, to be available at the end of July / beginning of August. You can of course reserve them at any time of the year, knowing that we only produce a limited quantity.


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Queen inseminated Buckfast f0 – Brother Adam