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The bees

Anatomy and biology of a bee

Have you ever looked closely at the morphology of a bee?It’s just fascinating and beautiful to watch, so precise and efficient. Each part of the

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How to create an artificial swarm?

Whether you are a beginner or a professional beekeeper, being autonomous in the creation of artificial swarms is an undeniable asset that does not represent major difficulties. It will allow you to be autonomous in the renewal of your livestock, its development and will make you save some euros. It is also a good practice

The swarming of bees, a natural phenomenon

We can observe in bees, an impressive organization and a very evolved social life. The colony develops entirely through the laying of the queen, a sort of “laying mother”. One day, this colony splits in two: a large part of the hive leaves, leaving the other to take care of the new queen cells: this

Why does honey crystallize?

Honey is an exceptional product, as famous for its sweet and delicious taste as for its health benefits. If it is naturally good, whether it is liquid or creamy, its crystallization on the other hand displeases the general public. Indeed, the crystallized honey is hard in mouth. It is therefore less easy and less pleasant

Why plant honey plants and flowers for bees?

Since the Second World War, we are witnessing the disappearance of the flora little by little. The industrial revolution and the demographic expansion are the main causes. Indeed, the process of urbanization leads to significant impacts on the environment, particularly on the fauna and flora. Through the urbanization of the territories, humans have a large