APICULATOR in Normandy in the department of Eure

A true passionate APICULTURAL craftsman, Samuel Fedorawiez has specialized in beekeeping and honey production since 2014.

His human-sized farm is located in the commune of Saint Aubin sur Gaillon in the Eure department, 3 km from Gaillon and 10 km from Vernon. he produces each year honeys with unique tastes, fruits of an alchemy between the bees and his beautiful Normandy region according to what nature offers him. As well as swarms of bees and queen bees for amateur and professional beekeepers

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All of its honeys are produced within 50 minutes of the farm. He works in sedentary hives, from 16 to 24 per apiary, depending on the floral wealth but above all for the well-being of his bees.

The apiaries being sedentary, it produces between 2 and 3 honeys per location. From spring honey, harvested at the end of May when the colza is no longer in bloom and miel de fleursou d’été fin juillet.   Depending on the year, he can also harvest mono floral honey such as forest honey, lime tree honey, acacia honey or buckwheat depending on the sector. 


His first ambition, after having been trained in beekeeping, was to acquire the basics of breeding. This is why he quickly joinedANERCEA, and regularly participates in study days. He also follows dozens of training courses on breeding and insemination with a clear vision and a strong commitment, focused on added value and quality. He progresses very quickly and shares his acquired knowledge regularly with his colleagues.

Since then, all his queens are the daily result of a close collaboration with other breeders, of a team work and of a collective passion to make quality queens accessible to the greatest number.  

A mission that requires much more than technical expertise. It requires inventiveness, hard-won experience and intuition. It is this intuition – the most magical ingredient – that gives her queens their personality and their place of choice in your apiaries. Today, exchange, sharing, technique (and the magic of intuition) come together with one goal, quality bees. he is firmly convinced that a quality queen should not be the prerogative of a few privileged people but that they should be accessible to all in FRANCE. 


Today, his career, his passion for bees and his involvement in local and national associations demonstrate his commitment and affection for bees.  it is part of the  Syndicat d’Apiculture de l’Eure of theAssociation of Apicultural Development of Normandy (formerly Apiculteurs Professionnels de Normandie APN), the ANERCEA , d’ ADA FRANCE  and the Normandy selection and testing group APISELECTION.